vibration in space

Vibration in Space(2019)

For Sonic Transformation of Three Pieces of Minimalist Material


An electroacoustic music composition. Inspiration came from my reading regarding the early history of electronic music-making: the slicing, looping, collaging and re-editing of materials. The sound itself can grow tremendously through methods of manipulation, and with structural planning, new works that are why I developed the intention to explore the possibility of growth of the most minimalist recorded sonic sample.

Design & Concepts

The recorded samples are:

1. “Plucked Yueqin String”
2. “Audible Breath”
3. “Click on Pierrier Soda Can”

Vertically, the materials were assembled in Ableton live, I limited the recording to ‘3-group, 9- channel’. And synthesized materials will be re-edited, put horizontally in the linear structure of the song.