turn right

Turn Right

Note: Lyrics shall not be interpreted semantically. They are all used as metaphors in sarcasm & hyperboles.

Same old evening, seven o’clock
Same old dinner, wooden table
Same old mommy, she got a promotion. 30 years, life’s better than before. We’ve been waiting for so long, we’ve been waiting for so long!
Waited a while, we had a drink, still there’s nothing on TV,
Dad said “It’s always nothing here on TV, nothing will show on TV.”
Same old schedule, 7 o’clock
Same old system, dying guilt
Same old husband, he’s never smarter. 30 years, life’s happy as it was We’ve been living for so long, we’ve been living for so long
One more breath, one more second. The old theory made me live.
My friend, take a look and turn right, and….
I am blind but still turn right, and…
Too ignorant to tell wrong from right….
Tell me the way in my losing sight
Turn right, my people, you need to shout.
Truth is concrete, the lie is fresh
I’ve got a family of 9 to be fed
Yes, I’ve got a family to be fed

You’ll be safe if you are right You’ll be home if you are right You’ll be a hero if you are right You’ll be awarded if you are right All you need is turning right