the politics of love

The Politics of Love

for synthesizers, female voice, political speech samples in Chinese (Mao Tse Tung’s talk), piano, female voice and a child percussion kit.

The Politics of Love

Note: Lyrics shall not be interpreted semantically. They are all used as metaphors in sarcasm & hyperboles.

(Fuck America, fuck the West, you took it all til nothing’s left)
So, I guess I’m in love with a capitalist
He opposed to all my belief
When I say Nong Gong Suo (“Peasant Movement Institute”) is the center of the world He said:

“No, it’s Washington Square.”
When I say I will die without the father’s love He said:
“Yes, you actually can.
Just right now you don’t understand.”
I love him I love him I love him to death

Coz through him I can see a different part of me I hate him I hate him I hate him so much
Coz What I believe in is so much better than his. So, I guess I’m in love with a capitalist.

He’s one of those noble men I knew
But in the end, I realized he’s only a poor guy

Who’s tricked by his own illusion.

*Peasant Movement Training Institute or Peasant Training School[1] was a school in Guangzhou (then romanized as “Canton”), China, operated from 1923 to 1926 during the First United Front between the Nationalists and Communists. It was based in a 14th-century Confucian temple. The site now houses a museum to Guangzhou’s revolutionary past.