sunset whitney

Sunset Whitney

for digital synthesizer, female voice, percussion

Note: Lyrics shall not be interpreted semantically. They are all used as metaphors in sarcasm & hyperboles.

I’m waving my one-dollar bill
Feeling like a white straight male
To qualify in this club
De Javu with this girl I love
Very first time in my life
I’m getting this bourgeoisie vibe
So dominant in every move
But Whitney you just saw me through
I know, there’s no proper dicks between my leg That’s right, sexual frustration can never hide
How come, I never move on since he left
Thank God, this club can’t say no to those who pay Her Chocolate silky skin is a bonus
Such a meditation when she flirts
her Ass to my face and she kissed me on the lips That divine Beverly Hills Plastic
No different than my peers in the room
We’re all public certified loser
I’m an introvert who’s never loved
So, you guys is the only demographic I can relate to

I know, deep down inside I’m still quite straight
That’s right, I can’t save myself pretending to be a guy
How come, there’s no solutions for women like me
Thank God, I still have Whitney to flirt with me for the sake of this tip Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, sunset whitney……
You’re the finest bitch in this room, you make my heart sing….
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, sunset whitney……
I will certainly marry you, if I got a dick