Piano Improvisation Innovation:

Atonal Serialism + Chinese Folk Tunes + Jerry Lee Lewis + Fugue + Sound Clusters

Studied classical piano performance since age 4, my repertoire includes Beethoven Sonatas, Bach Well-Tempered Claviers…etc, among which Virtuoso Works includes Two Studies for Piano by Witold Lutoslawski, selected Chopin Etudes. I constantly expand my piano repertoire to gain better performance techniques, as so lead to my recent study on works of Nikolai Kapustin, Friedrich Gulda, Vyacheslav Ganelin, Sergei Prokofiev.

Besides standard classical practice, Improvisation on Piano has been my fuel to creativity, the use of piano in pop genres like Rock n’ Roll also inspired me to fusion. In this collection of my piano improv, I explored a new style combining Atonal Serialism, Chinese folk tunes, Fugue and Jerry Lee Lewis Style Rock Piano, Clustering by all of which my music mind was deeply shaped.

Improvisation I: Marches on Three Notes

An improvisation aiming to study the fusion of atonal serialism and jerry lee lewis rock piano.

Improvisation II: Clusters on Chinese Folk

An Improvisation started with the first line from a Chinese 50s Movie Folk music. Other than this, I explored the combination of piano as percussive sonic elements as tone clusters, and atonal serialism.

Improvisation III: Rolling and Fugue on Hubei Folk Tune

An improvisation based on tunes my Hubei folk music collections. Combined styles: Fugue, Jerry Lee Lewis Rock Piano, Atonal Serialism.

Improvisation IV: Style = Chinese folk (propaganda marches song) +Atonal+Rock Piano

About Improvisation I-IV

Recorded in the summer of 2021, the below I-IV improvisation recordings is a summarization of my piano improvisation aesthetic spirit:

Atonal Serialism


Chinese Folk Tunes (SaYeErHuo, ChangYang South Tune, Communist era Propaganda Marches)


Jerry Lee Lewis (I wouldn’t put my feet on piano so far, but appreciate piano also as a percussion instrument)




Sound Clustering (sonic continuum is the goal)


A Yudan Zou Style Piano Improv