Music Scoring for children’s picture book


I worked as a composer and music narrative design for children’s picture book by early 2021. Based on stories, I composed the music for the corresponding plots, vibes, and emotions. I was also in charged of the production/recording process in the pre-publishing phase. Below tracks were selected samples from. The Vocal part of each track is performed by children singers for official publishing. The singing in the presented version is for testing/scoring purpose only. All tracks were adjusted for the loudspeaker environment of Reading Pen (点读笔).

*Reading Pen is a device designed specifically for children using the picture book product, the range of frequencies of embedded loudspeakers is restricted. Low frequencies were attenuated and upper-high frequencies were cut off.

Selected Works

【我们可以不一样 We Embrace Everyone’s Individuality】

This picture book is one of the bckids series product, it illustrated that every kids can achieve whatever they want, and is capable of surpassing gender stereotypes, because individuality matters the most. I thus took a neutral touch in terms of orchestration: nothing too emotive. The music is sometimes electronic, with a light-string main melody flowing through ‘walking-style’ accompany line. For the page where kids going to the space, I used ‘up-ladder’ style electro-string build-up to model auditorily the visual content.

「We are different 」page 8 – page 9
「We are different 」page 12 – page 13

「What time is it?几点啦」

Also one of the bckids series. The stories was set in ‘snow-scenery’: a normal day in life that a kid experienced with her/his family so I used a variety of bell sounds, and airy audio effects to spatialize the listening space, creating a sense of distance. The melody is tonal and homy at the same time.

「What time is it」p14 – p15

「Hello! 你好」

The very first of bckids series. The book is about a kid greeting everyone. Simple story. That’s why I took a standard, tonal and narrative-based scoring style, for example, on page6-page7, the line on the picture says:”Kid, wait!” (Telling her/him to slow down), I used rushy piano stepping to model the  visual content delivery.

「Hello!」p10-p11, f2

「Hello Kindergarten」

One of the bckids series. The story is about a kid’s daily learning/extracurricular activities (like instrument performance, talking to friends, visiting the garden) in a kindergarten. I think the value of the book is about the power of knowledge and the importance of early-age cultivation of people, so I use an “classical/elegant’ style in orchestration, taking even Fugue, 3-part string instruments writing. The goal is to make the book sounds nurturing, intellectual and relaxing.

Theme: Iguana’s Rescue

Iguana’s Rescue

Theme: Grandma’s Garden

Grandma’s garden