Music Industry 1

A Survey to Building Music Recommendation for Niche Genres

Learning from Streaming Data

Music Data Analytics: Sources
  • Chartmetrics
  • Spotify Analytics
  • AWAL
  • AWS
  • Soundcharts
  • Apple Music for Artists
  • Pandora AMP
  • Tiktok Analytics
  • Youtube Studio
  • Others: Next Big Sound, Kworb, Nielsen, Alpha Data, Revelator, Sodatone, Instrumental, ForTunes, Viberate, Songstats, Spot On Track, Pex, ACRCloud, WARM, Indify, The Echo Nest

Motivation: My NYC Niche Genres Labels Internship: Free Jazz & Alternative Pop Labels
Working at Ba Da Bing! with artists Katie von Schleicher

With Blog list, radio station data, combined with streaming performance, I participated in discussions regarding future performance projection of musicians.