Electroacoustic Music

Vibration in Space(2019)

For Sonic Transformation of Three Pieces of Minimalist Material


An electroacoustic music composition. Inspiration came from my reading regarding the early history of electronic music-making: the slicing, looping, collaging and re-editing of materials. The sound itself can grow tremendously through methods of manipulation, and with structural planning, new works that are why I developed the intention to explore the possibility of growth of the most minimalist recorded sonic sample.

Design & Concepts

The recorded samples are:

1. “Plucked Yueqin String”
2. “Audible Breath”
3. “Click on Pierrier Soda Can”

Vertically, the materials were assembled in Ableton live, I limited the recording to ‘3-group, 9- channel’. And synthesized materials will be re-edited, put horizontally in the linear structure of the song.

OKB – X Saturn RD – 57 (2020)

For Piano, Computer Generated Sounds, Recorded Sample and Female Vocal


This is an electroacoustic piece exploring piano improvisation, alternative vocal and an irony of aesthetic “look-back” of post-communist nostalgia regarding Soviet culture. I was inspired by memories of my 2017 Moscow winter trip at Higher School of Economics, when during the lecture I was introduced a rather different view to global politics after 2016, frustratedly amazed by how the world had been divided by the war of ideology. One day, a friend who was a spaceship-model enthusiast showed me a website about old Soviet Spacecraft, that’s when I saw the name of OKB – X Saturn RD – 57. Everything resonated in 2020, and I decided to write a song: how history ironically repeats itself. Piano performance was recorded real-time for improvisation experiments, on Nord Piano 2; recorded sample of a Soviet Spaceship News reporting.

Written by Yudan Zou

Believing, surpassing, always, optimizing Pursuing better,

What you work for,
You deserve.
OKB – x Saturn RD – 57 *, 58, 59, 60. In this age of degradation
We all need a Soviet Aircraft
Flying to the Outer Space.

Боевой Дух, У Судьба! “Fighting Spirit, and the Fate!” (2019)

for digital synthesizers and alternative female vocal


This is a song written with the attempt to explore the embedding of Ancient Chinese poetic literacy and experimental electronic composition, which is an expression of confusion regarding the awkward place of modern China-born artist in global culture. The poem was written by a renowned Chinese writer Li Ye from Tang Dynasty, about his frustration – he is incapable of changing anything and feeling deeply unsatisfied about current political situation.

Boevoi dukh u sudba

Clip 4 (2021)

for sonic transformation of a 5 second minimalist acoustic drum sample, and recorded samples of Army Song of Northern Warlords(北洋军阀军歌).

Chinese Superstar (2019)

Musique concrete samples include: (in order)

  1. The audio track from several Lesbian pornographic videos
  2. speech of former China’s President Jiang Zemin speaking Japanese
  3. The audio track from a fan video about a foreign audience met China actor Xiao Zhan (Sean Xiao 肖战) at an Airport by accident and said: “ Chinese Superstar
  4. Speech of former China’s President Hu Jintao speaking “The report has been printed and sent to every delegates. 报告已经印发给各位代表。(Bao Gao Yi Jing Yin Fa Gei Ge Wei Dai Biao”)
  5. Daily life recording around USC campus, car driving by making sound.
  6. Clips from China communist folk song “I love Tiananmen Square 我爱北京天安门” “We are On the Open Road 我们走在大路上”
  7. Daily-life recording around a DTLA restaurant, street artist playing instruments.
  8. Google translate female automatic vocalization of poem “Ithaca Island” by C.P. Cavafy
  9. Fandom culture recording: girls singing songs for Chinese actor Xu Weizhou (许魏洲)
  10. My radio interview on radio show curated by British music journalist Jack Chuter on Resonance Extra
  11. Fandom culture recording, girls shout “Death to Huang jinyu 黄景瑜死了!” (Johnny Huang 黄景瑜, Chinese actor, the once-collaborator of Xu Weizhou of a show) at a Xu Weizhou’s fan gathering.