Boevoi dukh u sudba

Боевой Дух, У Судьба!

“Fighting Spirit, and the Fate!” (2019)

for digital synthesizers and alternative female vocal


This is a song written with the attempt to explore the embedding of Ancient Chinese poetic literacy and experimental electronic composition, which is an expression of confusion regarding the awkward place of modern China-born artist in global culture. The poem was written by a renowned Chinese writer Li Ye from Tang Dynasty, about his frustration – he is incapable of changing anything and feeling deeply unsatisfied about current political situation.

Poetry from Tang Dynasty BY LI YE
菩萨蛮 登楼遥望秦宫殿

 High up overlooking the Palace of Qin

唐 李晔

Author: Li Ye from Tang Dynasty | translated by Yudan Zou

High up on the tower, overlooking the Palace of Qin*:

Nothing but flying swallows in pairs.

The Wei River converges in one,

Mountains and mountains, scatter everywhere.

Distantly, fog over the vividly turquoise trees,

upright passengers crossing the field.


But where, are the heroes?

with whom the Emperor feel safe and sound?